Information management and technology assurance

Bruce Sussman, CPA

Adapting defensive tools to be used in an analytic, predictive mode is a key to facing cybersecurity challenges, according to Bruce Sussman, CPA, payment card industry global executive for AIG.

Technology Q&A: Popular items in 2017

This column’s popular items in 2017 included rules for designing Excel workbooks, ways to calculate an internal rate of return with Excel, and tools for creating maps in Excel. Here are Tech Q&A’s greatest hits for this year.

The 2017 CPA technology gift guide

Our annual look at high-tech gifts for accounting professionals offers a number of choices that could add a spark to your holiday season.

Basic Excel time-saving tips

This column offers tips on features, shortcuts, and tools that can save time, improve the integrity of workbooks, and simplify data analysis.

'We have to be bold'

Eric Hansen, CPA, CGMA, incoming chair of the AICPA board of directors, envisions a prosperous future for the profession in a rapidly changing environment.

How to find the best prices

Dozens of free price-checking apps are available to help you instantly price-check items by scanning an item’s bar code.

Cybersecurity: A new engagement opportunity

CPAs who possess the appropriate expertise can perform new consulting and attest services for clients under a recently released AICPA framework. Developing expertise in this area is the key.


This report details how to establish and maintain employee trust, why expenses can cause unnecessary disengagement, and how to communicate clear, concise T&E guidelines.


Catch these sneaky sound-alike words in your writing

Even professionals who write every day can use the wrong sound-alike word. Refresh your knowledge of common homophones by choosing the right word for these seven sentences.